About IJSO

IJSO is a Science and Technology knowledge Olympiad in which students aged fifteen or younger from fifty countries from all over the world compete with one another over a ten-day period. Each country is represented by one team consisting of six students. Three mentors guide the team. The competition is held in a different country every year. In 2017 we will be hosting the event from December, 3rd until 12th, 2017.

Preparations started in 2014. A decision was made on a regional approach for the accommodation and test locations; The Arnhem-Nijmegen region. For the remaining aspects,  a national approach was taken involving higher and secondary education bodies, science institutes, government authorities and the business community.

We are supported by a national IJSO Governing Committee consisting of André Kuipers (Astronaut) and representatives of the four main organisers: Radboud University, HAN University of Applied Sciences, the Quadraam Group of Schools and Netherlands Institute for Curriculum Development (SLO).

Event for 50 countries: so please take part in 2017 IJSO!

We are aiming for a successful Olympiad and we hope all our guests will enjoy the program!

Water and sustainability

The theme of the Olympiad is ‘Water and sustainability’. Water plays an important role in the Netherlands. Much of the country is either below sea level or prone to flooding by rivers (Netherlands = low-lying lands). In the Netherlands, water is both our enemy and our friend. On the one hand we have to protect ourselves against the sea and rivers, on the other hand we make good use of this water.

The Netherlands is a relatively small country with few natural resources. That is why sustainability is so important to our country, along with associated concepts such as ‘cradle-to-cradle’, ‘green chemistry’, ‘renewable raw materials’ and ‘sustainable energy and energy sources’. Of course this is an acknowledged theme internationally as well.


Practical test solutions.

The tests as well as the excursions focus on our theme.

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