More students than ever take part in national qualifying rounds


Science isn’t boring. The record number of students who took part in the Dutch qualifying rounds for the International Junior Science Olympiad proves it. About 3.000 sudents competed for a place in the finals, more than double the amount of previous years.

Today the 48 students that made it to the finals will be anounced. Tim Dijk (Stedelijk Gymnasium Nijmegen), Coen Beemer (Markland College), Olivier Daniëls (Erasmiaans Gymnasium) and Niek Gorissen (Varendonck College) got the highest scores in the qualifying rounds, which most definitely earns them a place in the finals. They will test their knowledge of chemistry, physics and biology in the coming months. After the finals 12 winners will be invited to the IJSO competition in December.

The Stedelijk Gymnasium Nijmegen ranks highest
Schools look forward to the results too. Each student that makes it to the finals is a prestigious feat. The Stedelijk Gymnasium Nijmegen ranks highest, with five students scoring in the top ten. “A fantastic result”, says conrector Gisela Ewals-Bril, “but we are happier still with the enthusiasm of our students. Students who start competing in an olympiad often do so for years to come.” It’s the second year in a row that this school earns the title ‘best school’.