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Scientific committee

The Scientific Committee has the responsibility to develop a set of questions and experiments focusing on the theme of IJSO2017: ‘Water and sustainability’. These questions must provide suitable challenges for the participating students, address the scientific disciplines biology, physics and chemistry, and also touch upon mathematics and technological issues. The theme ‘Water and sustainability’ does not only apply to the Netherlands, it is also internationally relevant. Water management, sufficient availability of good quality (drinking) water, and responsible use of resources and energy are global challenges. The Scientific Committee consists of four units: the Academic Committee, The Theory Section, The Practical Section and a group of Independent Advisors.
For a list of the members of the Scientific Committee download the pdf document




Inspiration and Motivation

The theoretical questions will be answered individually by the participants, while the lab experiments will be carried out in groups of three. In the end, the participants will receive individual scores based on their personal capabilities in terms of theoretical knowledge, experimental skills and ability to work in a team. The Committee trusts that the students will enjoy the competition, but also will be inspired to think – even at their young age – about solutions for important societal questions concerning water and sustainability. Moreover, the Committee anticipates that the challenges of IJSO 2017 in the Netherlands will motivate the students to learn more about science and technology and pursue an academic degree in this direction.

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