We accept the challenge

Sander Dekker

The government of The Netherlands is proud to announce that the fourteenth edition of the International Junior Science Olympiad will be held in the cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen. In December 2017 many talented young scientists will flock to our country.

Since 2004, the best 15-year-old students in physics, chemistry, and biology have competed at the annual Science Olympiad. The Olympiad offers its participants a chance to explore and apply their abilities. It gives them the opportunity to meet like-minded people with a passion for science from across the globe. For anyone who has ever participated, it has been an unforgettable experience.

I wish everybody the best of luck. I look forward to the competition in December 2017.

‘The Netherlands accepts the challenge. Dreams can be fulfilled’

I found the idea of travelling into space incredibly fascinating

André Kuipers, Dutch Astronaut at The European Space Agency

We need young people with the right knowledge and skills so that new technologies can be developed and applied. Young people with inquiring minds, who like to investigate things and come up with solutions to problems, who are creative and capable of working with others, and who can see connections. Many of these skills play a key role in science subjects.

As a Technology Pact Ambassador, I want to inspire children, teachers, trainee teachers and parents with my story and show them how much fun science and technology can be. That is why I consider it an honour to support the 2017 International Junior Science Olympiad. It is impressive to see young people endeavouring to acquire knowledge.

IJSO helps young people develop their talents further and grow as individuals. Of course, it is also a fantastic stage for promoting science and technology, both nationally and internationally.

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