The program of IJSO 2017 is built around the theme ‘Water and Sustainability’. Two important words with a strong link. Many parts of the world face a shortage of clean water, while others experience an increase of floodings due to climate change. In the Netherlands, a country below sea level in a river delta landscape, we have plenty experience with water management. We are also home to many internationally oriented enterprises that make a business out of sustainable solutions.

‘Water and sustainability’ is an internationally relevant theme, with which we have a lot of experience in the Netherlands

Based on the theme the Scientific committee of IJSO 2017 has developed a set of questions and experiments. They provide a suitable challenge for the participating students in the scientific disciplines biology, physics and chemistry. The theoretical questions will be answered individually by the participants, while the lab experiment is a team effort. Participants receive individual scores based on their theoretical knowledge, experimental skills and ability to work in a team. The Committee trusts that the students will enjoy the competition, but also will be inspired to think – even at their young age – about solutions for societal questions concerning water and sustainability. Moreover, the Committee hopes that a participation in this IJSO will motivate students to pursue an academic degree in this direction.

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