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Tourist information

The Netherlands is a small monarchy in Europe. Due to its location in a river delta, the landscape is mostly flat with rivers and canals cutting through. Though small, the country is one of the most densely populated area’s in the world. With 17 million inhabitants and 41.543 km2 we live with approximately 410 people per km2. As a result of our ongoing efforts to keep the country dry and safe from flooding, the Dutch have a lot of knowledge in the area of water management. An intricate system of canals, dykes and mills is the result of a century long battle with water.  The famous Dutch windmills that used to pump the water from the polders are now very typical landmarks.
Read all about the Netherlands at the site of the Dutch tourist office.
Or watch this video to learn why Holland and The Netherlands is not exactly the same.
Curious what the country looks like? This video shows some nice aerial footage, in which you can clearly see what a big part of The Netherlands is water.

How to Tip

In The Netherlands all prices include taxes and services. Tipping isn’t necessary, but it is considered polite. If you want to tip, 5-10% of the total bill is customary in hotels, restaurants and bars. It will be highly appreciated. For taxi’s tipping isn’t mandatory either. All taxi’s are metered, so no need to negotiate a price beforehand. However, it can be useful to ask how much a certain ride will cost, to avoid surprises. Some drivers do not carry either coins or small notes, so be prepared to pay by card.

Food and beverages

The Netherlands is a multi-cultural country. If you require special dietary meals, please ask in the restaurant.
Water in the Netherlands is considered the best in the world. This means that you are able to drink the water out of every tap.

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